Naval Heritage Centenary

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As a registered charity (number 1126283-1*), every pound we receive or earn over and above our core income, from the Navy and ticket sales, goes directly to fulfilling our mission - the promotion of education and learning about the history, deeds and traditions of the Naval Service.

We should very much welcome your support which you can give in any of the following ways:

Telling the story of the Royal Navy in the 20th & 21st Centuries

Making a financial donation

Help us save HMS Caroline

Joining the Friends of the Museum

Using our facilities for corporate hospitality


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* The Royal Naval Museum (RNM) is a subsidiary charity of the National Museum of the Royal Navy (Reg Charity No 1126283).  The RNM is being re-branded as the National Museum, but until the process of drawing the 4 Naval Museums (the RNM, the Fleet Air Arm Museum, the Royal Marines Museum and the RN Submarine Museum) together is completed, the RNM continue to use charitable donations for its specific activities.