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Royal Naval Museum Collections Database


Due to on-going technical issues affecting access to the online catalogue, we have decided to undertake a complete up-grade of the system rather than fix the recurring issues of the current one. We believe that this will, when live, provide a better service to users. We regret that this will mean that there will continue to be no access to the catalogue until then.

We apologise for the inconvenience it may cause.

If you wish to find out what is available please telephone 023 9272 3795 or email [email protected]

Once live, the database is constantly growing as we publish new records. At present it allows you to search catalogues for the following collections:


You can now search records relating to over 20,000 manuscripts held at the Museum, including the Museum’s own manuscripts and those of the Admiralty Library Manuscript Collection.

Oral History Collection

You can now search over 500 records of all the interviews with naval personnel, and their families, conducted by the Royal Naval Museum since the start of its recording programme in 1991.

Photographic Collection

You can now search records of nearly 22,000 photographs from the Wright & Logan collection. More photographic records are being added regularly.

WRNS Collection

You can now search records of some of the documents and photographs relating to the Women’s Royal Naval Service. More records are being added regularly.

There are different access arrangements in place for researchers wishing to view collections. Manuscripts can be consulted in the Library reading room, other collections by appointment with curatorial staff.

Many of the 20th century items from these collections can be viewed at the Museum’s Sea Your History website.

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