Naval Heritage Centenary

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RNM Reading Room

Rebound London Gazettes in the Reading Room

Front view of RNM Library


The Royal Naval Museum Library is situated within the Naval Base at Portsmouth, adjacent to the Museum and the Historic Dockyard, in a purposely refurbished eighteenth century navy storehouse, with environmentally controlled bookstore, and reading room with space for 24 readers. The Library was originally opened as a public resource in 1990 and moved to its present location in late 1997, re-opening in 1998.

The Library is an excellent resource for the study of British naval history including: naval biographies; social history; operational history; navigation; naval architecture; naval science; ship movement records 1856-1914 & WW2. The sources available can cater for academics, family historians or leisure students alike.

In addition, the Royal Naval Museum library works in partnership with the Admiralty Library, now situated elsewhere in the Naval Base,  which supplements our own collections with coverage in military history; naval science; technical and scientific works; naval law; medicine; gunnery; a large journal collection of British and foreign titles.