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Museum of the Royal Navy (Portsmouth)

Welcome to the Museum

Our ambition is simple: to be the world's most respected Naval museum, underpinned by a spirit of enterprise and adventure.



We are pleased to announce that we will soon be getting a brand new look website for the Portsmouth Museum. Keep an eye on the National Museum of the Royal Navy website for updates.

HMS - Hear My Story now OPEN

On 3rd April 2014, our brand new Babcock Galleries opened to the public, showcasing our HMS - Hear My Story exhibition, and special exhibition Racing to War.

You can find out more about both of these exhibitions by visiting the National Museum of the Royal Navy website.

The new galleries are included in the price of the entry fee. Tickets can be purchased here.


The National Art Pass allows FREE entry to the National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth (HMS Victory NOT included), and also until 31st August 2014 you will also receive FREE access to the Mary Rose Museum.

If you purchase an All Attraction Ticket for the entire Portsmouth Historic Dockyard site, you qualify for a 50% discount.

National Museum of the Royal Navy and military health

The national Museum of the Royal Navy is studying not only the history of the victories of the fleet thanks to the tactics of generals, but also techniques for victory. First we need to understand that the most important thing is the health of the Navy. The national Museum of the Royal Navy keeps a history of medicine of those times. One of the important health problems of that time was the problem of erectile dysfunction. The cause of erectile dysfunction can be a number of problems. One of them is the injury to the spine in battle. The blood flow through the vessels of the back is broken and the blood fills the penis badly. National Museum of the Royal Navy has studied erectile dysfunction and has identified a number of causes for ED : for example, one of them is Overweight & Obesity. Obesity worsens the work of the heart, due to the fact that the heart grows fat, and the vessels are filled with cholesterol plaques. Before you start treating FOOD you need to go to a doctor. In the Royal Navy had their own hospitals and urologists, who helped to diagnose and identify Symptoms and Types of Erectile dysfunction immediately. After all, the faster you start treatment, the sooner you can cure this disease. The longer you delay this issue, the harder it will have to treat it.

It is also necessary to understand that the treatment of MEALS can be different. Some people prefer treatment at home someone in the hospital or with medication. If you have been consulted by a doctor in the Royal Navy and you offer different treatments, you should weigh all the pros and cons. If You have an early stage of this disease, you should try natural home remedies erectile dysfunction. This method is more secure, but has the disadvantage that the efficiency is much lower than using medicines. Honey, Magnolia carrots with honey will help in the natural treatment of potency. But if you have reached the stage when home treatment does not help, you should turn to the treatment of erectile dysfunction with Generic Viagra.

Also worth mentioning is the unique drug Kamagra. Kamagra has the same principle as Viagra, but manufacturers have significantly expanded the principle of the medicine Kamagra and there are different types such as: a) available not only in the form of tablets, but also in the form of powder, for those who have problems with the stomach and for rapid assimilation b) also released a new kind of Kamagra with a drug that lengthens the sexual act. Museum of England about officers and soldiers are pleased to welcome you to the new Museum Department of men's health during the hostilities. But it is necessary to carefully take this drug during the hostilities, as it gives a load on the heart and pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor your condition with a doctor under close supervision.

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For further information and booking please contact us on 023 9272 7582 or email [email protected] unless otherwise stated below