Naval Heritage Centenary

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Figurehead of HMS Supply on display in Victory Gallery

HMS Supply figurehead

Recent acquisitions

The Museum adds approximately 100 new items to its collections every year.  The items can be as small as a single photograph or document, or as large as a uniform collection with 1000s of separate items.  Resources are limited so each decision to acquire material is carefully considered.  A range of issues including the condition of an item, available storage space and copyright are taken into account, along with the Museum’s collecting policy and immediate collecting strategy.

If you are considering making the Museum an offer of an item or objects, please see our Donations information page.

Recent additions to the collection include:

• Three manuscript diaries kept by G Wheatley Cobb

•  Items from wreck of HMS Invincible 1758: leather shoe soles and fragment of leather with button holes

• Manuscript letter from Samuel Wilcocks dated ‘Mars at Sea’ describing action April 1798 between HMS Mars and the Hercule

• Bound manuscript punishment book for HMS Leviathan 1803-1805

• Silver loving cup inscribed in memory of Sub Lt Dennis Condick and LCT7015

• Cannon ball believed to be from the wreck of the Armada ship Duche de Florencia

• 3 oil paintings depicting Medway welcome to HMS Endurance (Roger Fisher), HMS Hermes entering Portsmouth (unknown) and Transfer of 5 Brigade from Queen Elizabeth II to Canberra, South Georgia 28 May 1982 (Rex Phillips)

• Woollen embroidery made by Seaman John Tillett c.1865

Sheepskin lined greatcoat with canvas outer. Belonged to Lt Cdr W F G North c.1914

Sword presented to Louis Tonge by the Hon. Sir F Pellew, HMS Winchester

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