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Sea Your History

The Sea Your History project was a ground breaking partnership to create the leading online resource for the history of the 20th century Royal Navy and Portsmouth Dockyard. It was generously funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project’s partners were National Museum of the Royal Navy Portsmouth, Royal Marines Museum, The Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Fleet Air Arm Museum, Fleet Photographic Unit, Portsmouth Royal Dockyard Historic Trust and the Mary Rose Trust.

Sea Your What?

Sea Your History was made up of different elements; the website, education projects and exhibitions.

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The Website

The website contained 15,000 digital assets made up of photographs of artefacts, documents, images and oral histories. Sadly it is no longer available but we hope to be able to showcase much of the content on the brand new NMRN Portsmouth website, coming soon. For now here is a taster of some of the things you might be able to see.

The oral history gallery contained extracts of over 50 new interviews covering five themes from Women at Sea to Changing Technology.

There are four online exhibitions

The Navy’s People

Portsmouth Dockyard

Conflict and Change

The Royal Navy Home and Abroad

WRNS Despatch Riders and Drivers, Launch of HMS Andromeda, Welding apprentice with instructor


As part of Sea Your History three education projects were also developed. They are aimed at and work with local schools and community groups.


On 26th April 2008 the Sea Your History Special Exhibition opened at the Museum. It has since been replaced by our brand new HMS - Hear My Story exhibition, but some of the content has been reused.

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