Naval Heritage Centenary

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NMRN Portsmouth Centenary, 2011

Museum staff celebrate the cententary

We were delighted to receive a message from HM The Queen on the occasion of our centenary celebrations in the summer of 2011.

A message from HM The Queen

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To help us celebrate this auspicious occasion, Museum staff were asked to select their favourite objects or an object that had made a significant contribution to naval history from the collections.

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Museum staff choices

Celebrity & VIP choices and comments

Public choices

Other messages of congratulations

Origins of the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth

The original museum - known as the Dockyard Museum - was conceived by Mr Pescott Frost, then Secretary to the Admiral Superintendant at Portsmouth.  With a passion for naval history he devoted his free time to spearheading a project to save items for future generations, eventually leading to the opening of a new Museum.  His foresight ensured the survival of many interesting and important artefacts, several of which are still on display today.

Some of the featured exhibits include the figurehead from HMS Bellerophon - the vessel on which Napoleon surrendered following his defeat at Waterloo and a large working model of HMS Vanguard which was used to teach cadets and apprentices how to set sails for varying weather conditions.






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