Physical exercises as erectile dysfunction treatment


Regular physical exercises help to strengthen male health and help to avoid problems with erection. With erectile dysfunction, experts recommend performing various sets of exercises. It is very useful to physically load the inguinal muscles, the muscles supporting the spine, the calf and hip muscles.

Here you will find the most effective exercises for ED treatment, which can be performed at home when you have free time.

Why did exercises to improve erectile function become popular among the representatives of the stronger sex? The fact is that physical moderate loads made correctly and selected specifically for men with a violation of potency are quite effective but at the same time harmless and not involving any costs. The technique is useful not only for men of the age having prostate diseases, but also for young sexually mature men who knowingly treat their health and care for the prevention of diseases. The complex of exercises for increasing the erectile function is so easy that it has no contraindications among the population and can be performed even by those who previously had nothing to do with physical culture.



Advantages of exercises for improving erection:

  • Exercise for an erection positively affects the synthesis of the male hormone testosterone responsible for the potency and erection.
  • With regular exercise, the weak place of the human body is strengthened – the muscles of the perineum, the muscles responsible for holding the urine, the feces involved in the process of sexual intercourse and the appearance of a full erection.
  • Stable erectile function requires a constant and full flow of blood to the organs of the small pelvis and in particular to the cavernous bodies of the penis. This can all be achieved by using exercises.
  • Physical exercises are accompanied by the release of a large number of hormones. For men, adrenaline, androgen hormones are important, which affect the balance of the nervous system, the ability of a person to overcome stress without pronounced consequences.
  • Physical stress relieves tension from muscles, makes them trained, and therefore more hardy.

Top-7 most effective exercises for ED:

Exercise number 1: To perform the exercise, you will need a chair, on which you should sit with your legs apart along the width of your shoulders. Shoulders must be straightened, arms bent at the elbows, lowered down. Breathe through your nose, short, with noise. Palms should perform grasping movements, simultaneously strain the buttocks and compress them together with the anus. Relax for 30 seconds, then repeat again up to 6 times.

Exercise number 2: Exercise should be performed standing, the legs are placed along the width of the shoulders and slightly bent at the knees, hands on the waist. The exercise will take no more than one minute, during which the pelvis should make sharp forward-backward movements, swinging with the genitals. Exercise is performed 5 times, one approach takes 7 breaths-exhalations, then a break for 30 seconds.

Exercise number 3: Exercise is done squatting, in the nude, in front of a large mirror. Testes must be pulled up with force, while drawing in the belly with the buttocks, while taking a short breath. During an exhalation the scrotum needs to be relaxed. The exercise is performed 7 times, the rest time is not more than 30 seconds.

 Exercise number 4: To perform the exercise you need to sit on the floor, relax the body, legs bend at the knees, hands put on your knees. With a sharp inspiration, put your left shoulder forward, raise your left buttock, straighten your left leg in the knee and guide it forward. At exhalation the body should be straightened, lower the butt to the floor and bend the right leg in the knee. Without interruption, push forward your right foot and right shoulder. Each foot must make 7 steps, followed by a break for 30 seconds. This exercise is performed in 15 approaches.

Exercise number 5: To perform the exercise, you should lie on your back, warm your palms, rubbing them about each other, putting your right hand under your head, your left arm on your genitals. Then you need to strain the muscles of the legs, draw in the anus and squeeze the genitals, begin to pull them. Exercise is performed 7 times, one approach needs to be done up to 20 stretches.

Exercise number 6: Exercise is performed sitting on the floor with an extended straightened back. The foot of the left leg should be on the lower leg of the right leg. Rub your left foot on your right foot 30 times. Then the legs should be changed and repeat the exercise with the right foot. The exercise is performed 5 times.

 Exercise number 7: You can perform the exercise either sitting or standing, or lying down. The main thing is to strain the anal area for 10-15 seconds. Then follows rest for half a minute and the exercise is repeated again – 10-12 times.


This article was written by Dr. Breslin, a private certified urologist and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a former research fellow at the Harvard Institute, and the author of scientific articles related to urinary incontinence and bladder control.
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