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Excess weight is one of the factors leading to Erectile Dysfunction in men

It’s not a secret that obesity in men, in addition to significant psychological and physical discomfort, entails a lot of concomitant diseases, the most frightening of which for the majority is erectile dysfunction. This is understandable, because according to statistics, men who suffer from excess weight, have difficulty with potency 2.5 times more often than slender and tightened representatives of the stronger sex. What is the reason?

There are three main factors of how excess weight influences male power. These are physiological, psychological and physical factors:

Physiological factor Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

From the point of view of physiology, the effect of obesity on potency is obvious. Male organism is arranged in such a way that with the growth of adipose tissue in the body there is an increase in the production of the female hormone estrogen. Synthesis of the male hormone testosterone, on the contrary, with the appearance of extra pounds slows down.

In connection with the bias of the hormonal background, men who are obese, in time not only experience serious difficulties with potency, but also change externally – begin to develop according to the female type. The predominance of female hormones in the body leads to an increase in the breast, a change in the timbre of the voice – it becomes thinner and higher, etc.

In addition, with the increase in fat deposits, very often there are violations in the circulatory system of men. In particular, the full blood supply of the genital organs may be impaired, which also leads to problems with erection.

The psychological factor Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

The described physiological changes, a change in appearance, are the cause of serious psychological disorders: depression, excessively low self-esteem. Awareness of the external unattractiveness, the mass of obesity-related diseases provoke a man’s weakness in his sexual life.

The physical factor Obesity  and Erectile Dysfunction

The physical appearance of a man who is obese is also a serious obstacle to his full sexual life. The voluminous abdomen, enlarged breasts, clumsiness and heaviness provoke problems in the sexual sphere. Obese men often do not have an opportunity to realize all sexual fantasies.

What are the consequences of excess weight for men?

Male obesity is a serious disease, and not just a “feature of the figure,” as some men reassure themselves. The earlier you become aware of this problem and begin to act, the less there is a risk of serious consequences for your health.

Obesity not only provokes a number of somatic diseases (such as heart disease, musculoskeletal system, dyspnea, etc.), but it is also one of the most common causes of impotence. In addition, hormonal imbalance caused by the increase in fat tissue in the body, also lead to irreversible qualitative and quantitative changes in the semen fluid of men. The consequence of these changes may be infertility.

How to return the male power and fast weight loss?

One of the most common mistakes of men who have problems with potency, is the intake of dietary supplements or drugs that enhance erection. Not only that the problem of impotence is not being solved, but such drugs can significantly undermine your health.

Excess weight is one of the main causes of men’s weakness in the sexual sphere. Therefore, in order to solve the problem with potency, it is necessary to first deal with the treatment of obesity. Reducing the volume of fat tissue will contribute to the gradual normalization of the hormonal background in the body, and hence the restoration of the sexual and reproductive function of men.

This article was written by Dr. Breslin, a private certified urologist and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a former research fellow at the Harvard Institute, and the author of scientific articles related to urinary incontinence and bladder control.
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