Fatigue and lack of sleep : Causes and Treatment. How to Fall Asleep Fast

Potency is translated from Latin as “strength” and is responsible not only for an erection, but also for sexual attraction, the duration of sexual intercourse and other features of sexual life. Therefore, a decrease in potency is an unpleasant and extremely undesirable phenomenon for both men and their women.

In recent years, statistics are disappointing: every year, the number of men suffering from sexual impotence is becoming more and more. So why are so many men, who are much younger than 60, and even 50 years old, suffering from a decrease in their male power? Here you will find out more about such reason of problems in sexual life as fatigue and lack of sleep.

What are the symptoms you may have if there is a lack of sleep?

  • Red eyes, “bruises” under the eyes,
  • headache, nausea, poor health in general,
  • increased blood pressure (especially if a person has hypertension or vegetative-vascular dystonia),
  • dizziness, impossibility to think quickly and concentrate on something,
  • depression, irritability, in some cases – toothache, discomfort from the internal organs.

This condition is very unpleasant and even painful. Signs of the lack of sleep resemble the symptoms of flu.

What problems may you have if don’t have enough sleep?

Chronic lack of sleep affects about a third of the population, although many people know that health is impossible without the proper rest. During sleep, the body is relaxed and gets the opportunity to get rid of everyday problems. If there is not enough sleep on the regular basis, fatigue accumulates very soon. It is best not to allow this, because over time, lack of sleep is going to result in irritability, decreased efficiency, stress and depression.

Moreover, the lack of sleep is one of the most common reasons for the decrease in potency in men, as the violation of normal sleep leads to problems with male hormones. In addition, a lack of sleep causes fatigue, and if such regime is takes place often, then fatigue becomes chronic, which has a negative impact on sexual life.

Chronic fatigue, associated with the lack of sleep, creates a disastrous mood, provoking confrontation and overcoming the imaginary obstacles of the surrounding world. Being in such a state for a long time the psyche does not stand up, sooner or later an emotional breakdown or depression occurs. Lack of sleep can lead to neurosis.

Due to changes in the body, accompanying a constant lack of sleep, a person may experience the following health problems:

  • Impotence, decreased libido;
  • Increased risk of having cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, stroke);
  • Increased likelihood of prostate in men.

Experiments proving the connection between Erectile Dysfunction and the lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is extremely harmful to the male body. Chronic lack of sleep leads to impotence, – say American scientists from the University of Chicago. According to experiments, even in young and healthy men, as a result of chronic lack of sleep, the level of testosterone, the main male hormone, drops significantly. In an experiment confirming such conclusions, 10 absolutely healthy young students, whose average age was 24, participated. After a full 10-hour sleep, the results of blood tests showed a normal level of testosterone, which decreased by 10-15% as a result of an eight-day sleep deprivation, when they were allowed to sleep for only 5 hours.

The consequences of lack of sleep are too serious not to pay attention to them. Stop messing up your life. Think about how to ensure the sufficient sleep duration. What is the best remedy for the lack of sleep? Have enough sleep!

This article was written by Dr. Breslin, a private certified urologist and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, a former research fellow at the Harvard Institute, and the author of scientific articles related to urinary incontinence and bladder control.
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